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Should I hire a car in Bogota? We don’t recommend trying to hire a car in Bogota.

Why not? Visiting Bogota without a car

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  • None of the major international car hire providers have offices at Bogota airport, and this is not generally a city that international drivers are likely to want to hire a car in.
  • However, public transport isn’t especially good either – although various railway lines do exist in and around the city, there is currently no scheduled national rail service in Colombia, and traffic is chaotic to say the least. Yet it would be unfair to write Bogota off without looking at the huge investment that has gone into bus lanes in recent years, and without also noting that because of the surrounding terrain, the city of Bogota itself is very compact, and most of the areas of interest are easy enough to walk around.
  • It’s also possible to take a local cable car.

However, as with a number of other South American capitals, the real gems that Colombia has to offer aren’t in Bogota itself, so it’s best to move on, and this will probably mean taking a long distance coach or a short internal flight. In particular, Medellin has garnered a lot of international attention for its regeneration efforts, and it’s well worth a visit, especially to see the expansive network of urban parks within the city.


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