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The Montego Bay (Sangster) International airport is the gateway to a long stretch of holiday coastline that spreads out along the western and northern sides of the island of Jamaica. Montego Bay airport is used by travellers heading to resorts such as Negril, but also for visitors heading as far east as Ocho Rios, which might have its very own “Ian Fleming airport”, but this facility, perhaps unsurprisingly considering the villains in Fleming used to write about, is exclusively only for private jets and very small aircraft.

Montego Bay Introduction

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  • The spread out nature of the area around Montego Bay means that it can certainly be quite useful to have a hire car, and getting a rental car in Montego Bay might also be a good idea for heading inland.

Note that the capital Jamaican Kingston is known for having a high crime rate, so we wouldn’t necessarily advise driving there.

Why not? Visiting Montego Bay without a car

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Montego Bay public transport quick facts

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  • Plenty of activities based around beach resorts – no transport needed.
  • Many other activities will include transport from the resort to the location.
  • Buses serve just about every point on the island. These vary from scheduled, air conditioned coach services down to shared taxis and mininbuses. Ask locally at the transportation centre.
  • Various tour options are available based on the many cruise ship arrivals.

Naturally, it’s perfectly easy to enjoy stay in around Montego Bay without renting a car, because plenty of organise trips are available, and a lot of the resort activities around the beaches and watersports, so many visitors who come here and don’t even think about getting a rental car will probably barely even notice they don’t have one! Yet our advice is based around people who are coming to destinations like Montego Bay and who are already thinking about hiring a car, rather than visitors who might arrive and walk straight past the car hire desk.


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Is it worth hiring a car in Montego Bay? It certainly by no means essential here, and you might prefer to look at one or two day rental in resort, but in Montego Bay, car hire can offer make a lot of sense.

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