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Puerto Plata

Do you need a car in Puerto Plata? [coming] Generally, we wouldn’t particularly advise hiring a car here, because most of the major resorts are relatively close to the airport, and there is a wide range of activities available along the coastline. A hire car might be useful for a day or two heading into… Read More »

Punta Cana

Should you rent a car in Punta Cana? Any recommendation on getting a rental car here is very marginal. When compared with nearby Puerto Plata for example, the resorts are a little bit further apart, and there are a few more places to visit inland. To really see the Domican Republic in detail, a hire… Read More »

Santo Domingo

Should you rent a car in Santo Domingo? In stark contrast to many of the resort areas around the northern side of the Dominican Republic, the capital Santo Domingo really isn’t the sort of place where a hire car is either necessary or useful. After the Puerto Rican capital of San Juan, Santo Domingo was… Read More »