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Do you need a car in Acapulco? Whether or not you want to actually go loco down in Acapulco, this is not a part of the world that is served by trains in any shape or form. Acapulco has little to offer in terms of cycling facilities or walking trails, so to get around, you… Read More »


Should you rent a car in Anchorage? Of the car rental destinations researched for Carornocar, Anchorage is one of the most interesting. This is because the natural assumption for any first-time visitor might well be that because Alaska has so much big open country, the obvious choice here would be to head straight for the … Read More »

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Should you hire a car in Antigua? Antigua might be relatively small, but the temptation to visit all those 365 beaches, without crawling around at the pace of one per day means that a hire car will certainly be useful. [topNP num=”13″] We assume you haven’t got all year, so once you have dealt with… Read More »


Do you need a car in Atlanta? Of the various places reviewed for Carornocar, Atlanta is one of the cities that leans most heavily towards getting a rental car. This remains the case, even despite Atlanta having a small metro system. There are two main reasons for this, and they are closely related: Firstly, because… Read More »

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Do you need a car in Baltimore? Note that this advice is aimed primarily at visitors arriving at Baltimore-Washington airport (BWI). It also may be useful for visitors arriving into downtown Baltimore by train. For visitors arriving into BWI, but planning primarily to visit Washington DC, please see our Washington DC car hire advice page.… Read More »

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Do you need a car in Barbados? Barbadosis often compared with Antigua as a Caribbean holiday destination. Whereas I would recommend getting a hire car in the latter, I don’t think it is such a good idea in Barbados. If you do rent a car in Barbados, it’s probably best just to do so for a… Read More »


Do you need a car in Bermuda? Can I even rent a car in Bermuda? Our Bermuda car hire advice really is as simple as it can be – you won’t want to get one, you won’t need to get one, and even if you did, is impossible to get one anyway. Bermuda is simply… Read More »


Should you hire a car in Boston? The Massachusetts state capital is perhaps best known for its educational institutions, and Harvard University is even situated in the city of Cambridge, Massachusetts. [top num=”43″] Boston also developed the first, and still one of the best, underground systems in the USA, and the city has a good network… Read More »

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Should you hire a car in Calgary? [coming] To follow [why num=”54″] To follow To follow Should you hire a car in Calgary?    


Should you rent a car in Cancun? Although many cities in Mexico have a substantially longer history, since the 1970s, Cancun has grown extensively around the tourism industry. This a destination which was largely developed around the car. Needless to say, airport transfers here are easy enough to come by. There are plenty resort shuttles… Read More »