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Do I need to rent a car in Spain?

One of the world’s leading holiday destination, Spain is full of locations where it’s entirely natural to ask whether or not you need to hire a car. This might be more obvious in larger cities like Barcelona or Madrid, but it’s much less clear on islands like Mallorca or Gran Canaria.

Spain has invested billions of euros in recent years in improving its transport network, from new motorways through to the AVE high speed rail network and modern tram systems in cities like Alicante or Santa Cruz de Tenerife.


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Do you need a car in Alicante? Generally, we would say that a hire car is a good idea if you are flying into Alicante and then heading for one of the various coastal resorts in the area. Additionally, we would say that it’s more the case here than it is in any other destination… Read More »


Do you need a car in Barcelona? Do you even think of it as Car-celona? Even if many people will suggest that there is anything but a need to get a car here, there are a few situations in which a rental car in Barcelona could still prove useful: Green Catalonia — once you get beyond… Read More »


Do you need a car in Bilbao? The Basque city of Bilbao is known above anything else for one big draw, the Guggenheim Museum Bilbao. This ship-like structure was designed by the architect Frank Gehry. It was rated by Time Magazine as the building of the 20th century. Whilst this building is truly dramatic, Bilbao… Read More »

EL Hierro

Do you need a car in El Hierro? Generally, we WOULD advise you to hire a car on El Hierro. Do you need a car in El Hierro? Full details to follow


Do you need a car in Fuerteventura? On first impressions, Fuerteventura is a barren windswept island where the major resorts are all quite far apart from each other. This might naturally make it look like the sort of place where a hire car looks all but essential. If you are here for a family holiday,… Read More »

Gran Canaria

Should you rent a car in Gran Canaria? Gran Canaria is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Spain, but as with the other Canary Islands, there is no rail-based public transport to get around here, just an extensive network of buses. Public transport is poor and disjointed. No rail services of any kind.… Read More »


Is it worth hiring a car in Granada? The Andalusian city of Granada is undoubtedly most famous for its Alhambra fort. Yet here is plenty more to see in this part of southern Spain than just this single attraction. Is it worth hiring a car in Granada? The range of flights to Granada from outside… Read More »


Should you rent a car in Ibiza? With many visitors coming to Ibiza to party rather than to see sights, and with Ibiza being one of Europe’s smaller tourist islands, the natural question for anyone coming here and thinking about hiring a car is – why? Why should you rent a car in Ibiza? Well… Read More »

La Gomera

Is it worth hiring a car in La Gomera? As the second smallest of the inhabited Canary Islands, La Gomera is most popular with day-tripping short-term visitors, who will usually arrive via Tenerife, although it is also possible to get here by ferry via La Palma. Any question about whether or not you need a… Read More »

La Palma

Should you rent a car in La Palma? First things first – the island of La Palma, and the city of Santa Cruz de la Palma should not be confused with Las Palmas de Gran Canaria or Palma, Mallorca, or even with the much larger Santa Cruz de Tenerife for that matter! We are talking here… Read More »