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Should you rent a car in Kraków? Our general advice is that this part of Poland has excellent public transport if you are just planning on travelling within and between the major cities, including Katowice and the world heritage site that is the centre of Kraków itself. Many visitors to Kraków will also want to… Read More »


Is it worth hiring a car in Poznan? The author briefly visited Poznan when travelling by train and ferry between Berlin and Copenhagen in 2008. As with any other large European city that was previously situated behind the Iron Curtain, Poznan has a perfectly adequate tram and bus network. Poznan also has a very traditional… Read More »


Do you need a car in Warsaw? If your plan is just to visit the city of Warsaw, then it’s easy enough to get around using local public transport. A hire car is probably going to be useful for heading out elsewhere beyond the city. This might well depend on the size of your group.… Read More »