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Do you need a car in Amsterdam? Amsterdam city centre has a reputation as a cyclists’ paradise and a driver’s nightmare. Is that still the case for the area around the city, and for the rest of the Netherlands? Is Amsterdam car hire ever really an option? Amsterdam is also world-famous as a party city,… Read More »


Should you hire a car in Eindhoven? So Eindhoven is a major Dutch city where almost everyone cycles. Eindhoven has a vast network of cycle paths which includes the spectacular showpiece “Hovenring” floating bridge. Eindhoven is also important junction on the Dutch railway network. Plenty of trains are available throughout the Netherlands. Longer distance international… Read More »


Should you rent a car in Groningen? The key question is – given how many bicycles there are here, would you have any reason to hire a car in Groningen? Because you can – it is a great myth that the sheer number of bikes in Dutch cities make it impossible or very difficult to… Read More »


Do you need a car in Maastricht? [coming] [whyno2 num=”159″] Do you need a car in Maastricht? No!  


Is it worth hiring a car in Rotterdam? Dutch cities are well known for being exceptionally friendly to cyclists, and Rotterdam additionally has a very well developed public transport network, but can this also be a good base for getting around by car? Because you can – it’s a British myth that cities with lots… Read More »