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Should I hire a car in Dubrovnik? Dubrovnik is perhaps the best-known of Croatia’s Adriatic resorts, and the attractions are obviously visible in the delightful old city itself and the warm climate that attracts millions of tourists each year. So is it worth picking up a hire car at Dubrovnik airport to explore the surrounding… Read More »


Do I need a car in Pula? [top city=”Pula”] [coming] Generally, we would advise getting a hire car in Pula, largely because public transport in Croatia is generally of a poor standard and badly organised. If you are just staying in and around the town itself, you’ll be fine, but making even short excursions to… Read More »


Do you need to hire a car in Rijeka? There are lots of ways of looking at this question, so this is why we divide things up in terms of “need” – can you get around Rijeka without a car; value, ie compared to other options, is it worth hiring a car in Rijeka, and… Read More »


Do I need to hire a car in Split, Croatia? The coastal city of Split is an interesting mix of old and new, with a focus on the UNESCO world Heritage site of Diocletian’s Palace, which is situated in the city’s historic centre. Islands and Coastlines Apart from the central city, Split really is the… Read More »


Should I hire a car in Zadar? Generally, we would recommend getting a hire car here, especially for heading to the stunning Plitvice Lakes National Park, but also for driving along Croatia’s stunning Adriatic coast and visiting the nearby islands. [coming] Despite a thriving nightlife and a slightly bizarre farting “sea organ”, Zadar remains one… Read More »


Should I hire a car in Zagreb? Zagreb is quite unique amongst major Croatian destinations in that it is inland, rather than on the Adriatic coast, where the popular tourist resorts are located. It’s probably fair enough to say that Zagreb is something of a niche tourist destination – the Croatian capital is pleasant enough, but when… Read More »