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Should I hire a car in Aberdeen? The Granite city sits in a geographically remote corner of the UK, but once you get there, can you get around easily using public transport? Or is a hire car all but essential? What are the main Aberdeen car hire options? There are many reasons to rent a… Read More »


Generally, we would say that a hire car is a good idea if you are flying into Alicante and then heading for one of the various coastal resorts in the area, and would say that it’s more the case here than it is in any other destination in mainland Spain. We would advise getting a… Read More »


Do I need a car in Amsterdam? Amsterdam city centre has a reputation as a cyclists’ paradise and a driver’s nightmare, but is that still the case for the area around the city, and for the rest of the Netherlands? Is Amsterdam car hire ever really an option? Amsterdam is also world-famous as a party… Read More »


Should I rent a car in Antalya? The decision on whether or not to hire a car in Antalya will be largely based on where you are staying, and then to a lesser extent on what places you are planning to visit during your holiday. For starters, Antalya is one of Turkey’s largest cities, with… Read More »


Do you need a car in Antwerp? If you’ve ever skirted around the edge of Antwerp in a car or trundled along by train through the city’s northern suburbs, then please don’t be fooled by the shabby appearance and extra-large dollops of concrete that you will witness on such a journey. If Bruges represents chocolate… Read More »


Should you rent a car in Athens? Athens might have famously tried to reduce its horrendous traffic problems by only allowing either order or even number plated cars to drive on any given day of the week, and the city also invested heavily in a metro system in the run-up to the 2004 Olympic Games.… Read More »


Do I need to hire a car in Avignon?  Avignon might be famous for a bridge that is only half there, and as being the former papal seat. The historic city itself, as with many other European historic cities, is naturally very compact and walkable. In terms of travelling beyond Avignon, then it really depends… Read More »


Do you a car in Barcelona, or do you even think of it as Car-celona? Even if many people will suggest that there is anything but a need to get a car here, there are a few situations in which a rental car in Barcelona could still prove useful: Green Catalonia — once you get beyond… Read More »


Do I need to hire a car in Basel? Basel is perhaps served by the most multinational airport in the world — not only can you arrive in either Switzerland or France (Mulhouse); the airport also markets itself as serving the city of Freiburg in Germany. This makes it tricky to offer advice about whether… Read More »