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Is it worth hiring a car in Bangkok ? Bangkok is the second most visited city in the world, in terms of international arrivals, sitting behind just Hong Kong. Even if it’s very easy to visit the Thai capital without a car, the sheer number of tourists who come here, combined with the natgural desire… Read More »

Chiang Mai

Should you hire a car in Chiang Mai? Generally, car hire in Thailand doesn’t make a great deal of sense, because visitors are most likely to spend time in frenetic Bangkok, where driving is a nightmare, or in any one of the country’s famous coastal resorts, such as Phuket or Koh Samui, where the emphasis… Read More »

Koh Samui

Do you need a car in Koh Samui? Many visitors might well consider that Koh Samui is the sort of destination where a combination of beachfront activities, watersports and boat trips would make a hire car unnecessary. This might well be the case, but it’s also a great place to explore further, whether by car… Read More »


Should you rent a car in Krabi? Given the coastal location of Krabi, the limited driving roads and the range of beach and watersports activities on offer, combined with less energetic boat trips, we would generally not recommend hiring a car here. For a road trip around southern Thailand. Krabi is on the mainland, not… Read More »


Is it worth hiring a car in Phuket? [coming] Generally speaking, Thailand is the sort of destination where many visitors don’t really even think about getting a hire car, or perhaps where anyone who does think about getting some sort of motorised transport is more likely to pick up a scooter, rather than a hire… Read More »