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Is it worth hiring a car in Accra? Generally,  Accra car hire advice leans towards not doing so. The Ghanaian capital is not a destination where you will find any of the major car hire companies. Therefore, most visitors will just stick to using local shuttle bus and taxi services. Many of the major resorts… Read More »


Should you hire a car in Cairo? [top num=”53″ [coming] To follow [why2 num=”53″ To follow To follow Should you hire a car in Cairo? Probably not!!!

Cape Town

Should you hire a car in Cape Town? Many visitors to South Africa might be apprehensive about driving here, given the country’s reputation the having a high crime rate, although it is noted that this has tended to be more of a problem around Johannesburg. However, crime has risen in recent years in Cape Town.… Read More »


Should you hire a car in Casablanca? Casablanca is one of the largest and most commercially important cities in Africa, with an urban area that sprawls across into the capital Rabat. Public transport here is adequate, with a fast rail link running directly and from the airport. There’s a reasonable network of local commuter services.… Read More »


Should you rent a car in Durban? Our general advice is that in Durban a hire car is extremely useful, both in terms of access to coastal scenery, and also for national parks heading inland. Why should you hire a car in Durban? Drive to any of the various spectacular national and other scenic parks… Read More »


Should you rent a car in Johannesburg? Any suggestion of driving in Johannesburg might well spring to mind fears about being a city with a high crime rate, where car-jackings are still commonplace. Despite efforts to improve matters, car crime is still a legitimate concern, and as with any destination, we can only provide a… Read More »


Should you rent a car in Kilimanjaro? Flying into Kilimanjaro airport opens up a range of opportunities, both to explore Mount Kilimanjaro itself, and also some of the stunning national parks around it. However, Kilimanjaro car hire facilities here are extremely limited, and none of the major international car hire brokers were able to give… Read More »


Should you rent a car in Lagos? [top num=”148″] Should you rent a car in Lagos? Should you rent a car in Lagos? Public transport doesn’t leave much to be desired. You will mainly depend on buses. The only exception is the newly developed planned community of Victoria Island. Here, trams are available alongside well maintained promenade trails. The… Read More »


Should you rent a car in Marrakesh? If you are just visiting the city itself on reasonably short break, then you’ll get around fine just using buses and taxis – there’s no metro or tram of any kind here, but the airport is nice and close to the city centre, and if you are walking… Read More »


Do you need a car in Mauritius? Our general advice for visiting Mauritius is that when compared with some other tropical destinations, this spectacular island is relatively small. If you do choose to hire a car, it’s unlikely to get a great deal of usage. Many of the most impressive resorts in Mauritius are built… Read More »