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Copenhagen is wonderful, and so are its cycling facilities, but we assume you knew that anyway.

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For a slightly longer stay, is it worth picking up a hire car at Copenhagen airport?

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  • Expensive trains — if you are wanting to travel beyond Copenhagen, then Danish trains can be extremely expensive, unless you’re booking a longer distance trip well in advance, when some bargain apex fares are available. Car hire in Copenhagen is expensive too, but it will work probably out better value if you are travelling as a family or other group.
  • Freedom and ferries — although the suburban trains around Copenhagen run regularly, if you want to start exploring a little bit beyond the fringes, trains aren’t so frequent, and they aren’t always as well coordinated with inter-island ferries as you might expect.
  • Oresund crossing — engineering geeks will certainly want to head across the stunning Oresund crossing into neighbouring Sweden. Although this is a combined road and rail bridge and tunnel project, the road is on the top deck, so you get a better view.
  • Southern Sweden — Copenhagen airport is also the main gateway for Southern Sweden, as flights to Malmo are limited to a handful of international routes. Lush pine forests and endless vistas of Swedish lakes and coastlines can be explored within a very short time frame from picking up a hire car at Copenhagen airport.
  • Jutland and Legoland — the Jutland peninsular only has three main trunk railway lines, so a car is going to give you far more flexibility if you head out in this direction. To reach the town of Billund, which is home of Legoland, you would have to take the train to Vejle and then transferred to a slow and infrequent bus service. Note — if you want to visit this area in combination with Copenhagen, we would advise looking at a one-way flight to Billund, and returning from Copenhagen, or vice versa.

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  • Metro — the ultramodern Copenhagen Metro alone should be reason enough to not even need to think about getting a hire car. Not only is it super efficient, but the system is completely automated, giving an opportunity for geeks young and old to enjoy looking through the front window.
  • Water — Copenhagen is home to the Little Mermaid, and has many vibrant dockland districts. Some of the city’s most iconic architecture is in the waterfront areas, and the best way to appreciate this is from a boat.
  • Cycling — Copenhagen is one of the world’s leading cities for cycling, and an excellent way to see the city is by bike. Many hotels will provide bikes for their guests. There is also an automated city bike system, although it only operates during the summer.
  • Malmo — we highly recommend an excursion to the southern Swedish city of Malmo, which is just across the Oresund link, even if you just pay an architectural homage to Santiago Calatrava’s superb “Turning Torso” tower.
    For a simple city visit, the train will take you directly into the city centre without having to worry about parking. To explore the countryside beyond this, we would recommend getting a hire car, as mentioned above.
  • Walking — Copenhagen is one of those cities where it is great just to explore casually on foot, as it has such a great variety of traditional and modern architecture. Copenhagen is also extremely pedestrian friendly, although locals tend to prefer getting to and from the outlying areas by bike.
  • Odense — pop over to Odense to appreciate the Hans Christian Andersen story. Odense is another city that is really enjoyable just to walk or cycle around, and it is well documented for its network of linked parks.

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ConclusionShould you hire a car in Copenhagen?  Copenhagen is well-known as a city where there is no need for a car, and because of this, our starting point is not so much how does Copenhagen compare with other cities, but whether or not there is a care to even consider getting a hire car. When should you hire a car in Copenhagen?When you look beyond the city itself, there clearly are places which are better to explore on your own four wheels, and for those reasons our verdict is to consider getting a hire car for at least some of your stay.

Verdict: yes

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