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Driving into Bucharest from the airport shows how much the city has developed since the fall of Ceausescu, and it almost seems like there is a new shopping mall on every corner. Yet within this traffic soaked metropolitan area there is still a relatively compact city core, where walking is still the best way to get around, whatever Bucharest’s varied climate throws at you.

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Ceausescu’s influence is still stamped firmly on the country’s parliament, which was his former palace, and the scale of some of these developments is such that it might be best to travel around in some sort of motorised transport, but this could easily be a bus or taxi rather than a hired car.

Bucharest has also invested heavily, and continues to invest in a mass transit metro system, and buses and trams are still widely available. This gives a natural leaning towards not hiring a car if you just plan to stay within the centre of Bucharest, but of course this would be missing out on all of the best scenery which Romania has to offer.

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  • With Bucharest being the natural arrival point for a road trip into the Carpathian mountains, whether on a slightly cliched Dracula inspired tour, or simply to enjoy any number of scenic views, the pendulum rapidly swings towards getting a hire car for the duration of your stay.
  • Even if you still plan to spend a couple of nights in Bucharest before heading out elsewhere, car parking shouldn’t be too much of a problem in any suburban hotel, so there isn’t much point in doing a rental for some of your stay, although as with anywhere, this will depend on the local conditions where you’re staying.
  • The Transfăgărășan is rated by many as one of the best driving roads in Europe. To reach this Carpathian mountains pass would take around 3 hours from Bucharest.

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  • It’s also worth pointing out that Romania is also well worth exploring by train, and this will probably still suit the independent minded traveller, although Romanian trains tend to be a little on the slow side, with services offering very infrequently outside express services between the major cities. The network, which has seen little investment in recent years, is still excellent value compared to driving, especially for people travelling alone, or with just one other companion.

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