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The city of Agra is undoubtedly most famous for being the location of the Taj Mahal, one of the world’s most iconic and heavily photographed tourist destinations. Needless to say, this is a place which is perfectly well served by train, bus and other local transport services.

Whether you arrive into Agra by train, by plane or by bus, there are numerous local transport options for onward transfer in order to visit the Taj Mahal. The main railway station is situated adjacent to the famous Agra Fort, and from here, the Taj Mahal complex is just over 1km / less than a mile away.

Beyond Agra

It would be a shame to come this far, and to only have time for the Taj Mahal itself, and perhaps a brief glance at Agra Fort. There is still a great deal to see nearby, but regardless of how long you have here, and what else you manage to visit, a hire car is unlikely to be much help:

  • Fatehpur Sikri – situated around 45 minutes away from Agra by road, or just over one hour by train is the stunning but haunting abandoned for complex of Fatehpur Sikri.
  • Bharatpur – situated on the busy tourist route between Agra and Jaipur is the historic palace of Lohagrarh, itself surrounded by it’s own walled fort set within a moat. Bharatpur is also the gateway to the Keoladeo National Park, known for its incredible variety of migratory birds. The park gate is right on the edge of Bharatpur, a city which is compact and easy enough to walk around, although you may prefer to take a minibus or taxi to the park.

Either way, a hire car here just really isn’t going to be a huge amount of use.

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  • Very few reasons to rent a hire car in Agra!

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  • All of the main attractions are a short distance from public transport.
  • Buses and taxis are widely available and cheap.
  • Trains will take you right to the Agra Fort.
  • Taj Mahal is close to Agra Fort railway stations.
  • Excursions beyond Agra by rail.
  • Poor state of local roads.
  • Very limited car hire availability.

Agra car hire verdict

Do I need a car in Agra? The car hire market in India is not widely developed, and only a few of the major international players are represented here.

Therefore, there is little reason to recommend hiring a car in Agra.

Verdict – NO

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