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  • I cannot think of any sound reason why I would recommend a hire car in Catania.

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I paid a brief visit to Catania in 2006, and I have never seen anywhere in Europe where the roads were so chaotic. We took a guided tour around Etna, and as we headed back into the city our driver simply said to us “obeying the traffic lights here is optional”.

If you really feel that you must get a hire car in Catania then please don’t say we didn’t tell you, and make sure you double up on your life insurance first.

A much better idea whether you are a train buff or not is to take the superbly scenic Circumetnea train circuit, which as the name suggests will take you on a circular tour around the base of Mt Etna. However, this may still leave you wanting to explore further up the volcano, but I would still suggest doing so with someone who is used to the local driving standards.

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