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Our car hire advice for Brisbane starts with quite a few pointers to suggest that a rental car isn’t really necessary, and these include the fact that Brisbane has a well-developed public transport network. This isn’t just obvious and visible in terms of local rail services, which include a direct link to Brisbane airport, but Brisbane also has a well-developed bus system, including a wide range of mass transit bus ways, with two bus tunnels intersecting with each other through the city centre.

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Needless to say, if you are landing in Brisbane to carry onwards towards the Great Barrier Reef, there are also numerous coastal activities which would involve nothing other than parking up a hire car if you have one, so you’d get little usage out of it.

However, for anything longer than a few days or a weekend, then a hire car is almost certainly going to become very useful, because if you want to visit any of the scenic areas beyond Brisbane and the Gold Coast Metropolis, a hire car is almost certainly going to be best. This advice would apply even more strongly if you plan to head inland, rather than just sticking to the coast.

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  • Generally, a hire car will provide more flexibility, unless you are just staying in the city of Brisbane.

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  • Public transport, including local rail and express bus service is relatively good, especially compared to other Australian cities of a similar size (Perth etc).

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Do you need a car in Brisbane? Verdict – yes


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