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The Brazilian capital always was built for a future where the car was king, or perhaps simply a kerosene future, with the city laid out in a way that resembles a giant plane!

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Do you need a car in Brasilia?

In more recent years, Brasília has started to develop a mass transit system, but the simple fact is that unlike more traditional European capital cities which have evolved slowly over time, Brasília is laid out in a way where everything is far apart, and this naturally lends itself as an example of a city where it really is best to get around by car, even if you are a visitor, even if you aren’t planning on heading outside the city, and even if you are only here for a few days.

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  • It goes without saying that, for better or worse, Brasília has been built right in the middle of the rainforest, and a car is going to be useful for getting out and seeing some of (what’s left of) this.

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  • However, given that Brasília was a planned city that really is completely remote from anywhere else in Brazil, it’s also unsurprising that there are actually very few roads in and out of the city, so this doesn’t really lend itself towards going on a circular road trip, and it’s even less suited to a one way rental!
  • If you’re just here for a few days, and would prefer not to drive, then there are still plenty of buses to supplement the limited Metrorail system, and of course taxis are widely available, but Brasília really isn’t the sort of city where you would just walk from one neighbourhood to another – it’s just too sprawling for that, and the road network is not built with the pedestrian in mind!

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Do you need a car in Brasilia?  Brasília car hire advice verdict – yes, quite possibly!

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