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Bulgarian coastal resorts that were developed during the communist era tended to have good public transport provision, and this still applies within the city of Bourgas today, and also in the other major Bulgarian Black Sea coastal resort of Varna. However, public transport here is still nothing like as prolific as it is in the capital Sofia.

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  • Modern Bulgarian tourist resorts tend to have spread out further along the coast, and although plenty of resort transfers and local bus services are still available, you might still prefer to get around in a hire car if you are staying at this sort of location.
  • Another real advantage of getting a rental car for your visit to Bourgas is that it might be useful for travelling inland, and seeing some of the scenic forested areas which make for a contrast to the busy coastal resorts.

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  • There is still a reasonable network of buses in the city of Bourgas itself, with reasonable services in and around the resorts.
  • No car needed if you are mainly staying in the resort or just visiting beach locations.
  • Road safety is a major concern in Bulgaria, compared to other EU nations.

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Do you need a car in Bourgas?  Verdict – yes

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