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Should you rent a car in Bodrum? Visitors arriving into Bodrum airport and considering whether or not to hire a car will probably already be aware that most of the resorts around Bodrum are scattered quite far apart, as are the main places of interest to visit.

Whereas holidaying in larger Turkish Mediterranean cities like Izmir or Antalya is easy enough to do without a car, a hire car is much more useful in and around Bodrum, especially if you want to do excursions further inland

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Should you rent a car in Bodrum? Should you rent a car in Bodrum?

  • Not only are there many natural sites around Bodrum which are well worth visiting, but the world-famous rock formations at Pamukkale are also a must see.
  • Trying to get to Pamukkale by scheduled bus service is going to be a lot of hassle, although many resorts will offer organised tours, because Bodrum is the closest major international airport to Pamukkale. Allow around 3 hours to drive to Pamukkale from any of the major resorts around Bodrum.
  • For enjoying the coastline, a hire car is also going to give you a great deal more flexibility when compared to taking organised tours or trying to get around by scheduled bus.

Should you rent a car in Bodrum? For all of these reasons, our hire car advice in Bodrum is that getting one is generally a good idea.

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  • We would not generally advise visiting Bodrum without a hire car, if you are able to avoid it.
  • Although there is still public transport, especially around the larger resorts, your options will be limited without a hire car.
  • Turkey has a poor reputation for road safety when compared with northern Europe, although the record is relatively good by global standards.

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Should you rent a car in Bodrum? Verdict – yes! Should you rent a car in Bodrum?

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