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In and around Billund

  • Billund has no railway station, so if you don’t rent a car, you will have to take a bus to get anywhere.
  • Buses from Billund are generally slow and irregular.
  • Legoland might be Billund’s most famous attraction, but that will probably only keep you occupied for a day. Even though there are other summer attractions in Billund, a rental car is going to make it much easier to explore the rest of the Jutland peninsular.
  • Visit nearby Vejle, and enjoy its stunning modern architecture and shopping facilities, which include a great mix of old and new.
  • Rent a car to access the many golf courses which are available around Billund.

Beyond Billund

  • Rent a car in Billund and drive to other cities in Western Denmark, such as Aalborg, Arhus, Esbjerg and Odense.
  • A car is ideal to explore the coastal areas in the West of Jutland, including Ringkobing Fjord and Nissum Fjord – although these fjords are shallow, and nothing like as spectacular as the fjords in Norway.
  • Enjoy the white sandy beaches on Denmark’s west coast.
  • Visit the Jelling Stones, and learn about the legend of Harald Bluetooth. Bluetooth is strongly identified with the creation of Denmark as a nation state and making warring tribes speak to each other, hence the origin of the Bluetooth mobile networking system.
  • Flights to Billund are often much cheaper than flights to Copenhagen, as Billund is a major Ryanair base, and Copenhagen airport has traditionally been associated with high cost airlines, especially as Ryanair no longer operate flights into nearby Malmö, Sweden.
  • Billund might not be much of an alternative to Copenhagen for a short weekend break, but flying into Billund as an alternative to Copenhagen and picking up a rental car at Billund airport will certainly give you many more options for exploring Denmark as a whole, rather than just the capital city.
  • The drive from Billund to Copenhagen is 261 km, and should take just under three hours. This will include a trip across the fantastic great Belt link. If you are visiting Billund to appreciate Danish toy design, you might aswell appreciate Danish bridge design at the same time.
  • Driving in Denmark is generally trouble-free — the roads are well engineered, spotlessly maintained, and traffic jams are rare.
  • Hiring a car in Billund and driving to Copenhagen will probably be cheaper than taking a bus (to Vejle) and train, and you won’t have the hassle of changing.
  • If you are arriving from outside Europe, and visiting the West of Denmark, save time by avoiding Copenhagen airport and flying to Billund via Amsterdam with KLM.

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  • You are still in Denmark. Public transport is well integrated, walking and cycling is a pleasure!
  • There is no need at all to hire a car just to visit Legoland — Billund airport was primarily built to serve the Lego company, and is just a short bus or taxi ride from Legoland.
  • Easy bus connections are available to nearby Vejle from both Billund town centre and Billund airport, taking around 45 minutes.
  • From Vejle, regular trains are available to Odense and Copenhagen, and also up to Arhus and Aalborg.
  • Why not spend a little bit of time in Billund itself, and see how a toy has influenced the real life town. Billund is easily walkable.
  • As is the case throughout Scandinavia, there are plenty of cycle paths to explore radiating out from Billund.
  • If you are interested in city environments, take the bus & train to Odense, and explore the famous system of linked parks that the city offers. This is naturally best done on foot or better still on a bike – so leave the hire car at the airport!

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Simply because hiring a car at Billund airport is going to give you the widest flexibility to see different destinations, unless you really are just here to visit Legoland.

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