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Can I even rent a car in Bermuda?

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Our Bermuda car hire advice really is as simple as it can be – you won’t want to get one, you won’t need to get one, and even if you did, is impossible to get one anyway.

Bermuda is simply as far as any destination can possibly get in terms of offering advice not to get a hire car, because there simply are no facilities for this.

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Do you need a car in Bermuda?

Given that Bermuda is an extremely densely populated island, where nowhere is very far from anywhere else, it’s unsurprising that the Bermudan government simply haven’t allowed any car hire facilities to be developed at the island’s airport just on the edge of Hamilton.

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The reasons for this should all be entirely self-explanatory – not only does Bermuda have an extremely limited road network, but the nature of how the roads, bridges and causeways have been developed simply means there is little space for any kind of road expansion, and many the roads are already extremely narrow.

Just because car hire in Bermuda isn’t possible, this doesn’t necessarily mean that the island has some sort of amazing public transport system, in fact far from it. Getting around is a simple question of using local buses, tour buses, taxis and of course you own two feet!

Verdict – no (not possible)

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