Firstly, one-way rental from Barcelona to any city in the remaining part of Spain could become extremely expensive, as you would already expect to be the case if you hired a car in Barcelona and tried to return it in Perpignan in neighbouring France or in Andorra. 3 Secondly, if you hire a car in […]


Is it worth renting a car in Barbados just for part of my stay? Absolutely, it might make a lot of sense to hire a car for the day, but it makes little sense to have one for all the time you are here. Car-rental on on the island is expensive, and you really don’t […]


s it worth renting a car in Athens just for part of my stay? Yes, absolutely, in fact all our Athens car hire advice is based on the assumption that you want to spend a few days in the city before or after you rent a car. This really is very different to many other […]