[CruftGEN num=”13″] Antigua might be relatively small, but the temptation to visit all those 365 beaches, without crawling around at the pace of one per day means that a hire car will certainly be useful. [topNP num=”13″] We assume you haven’t got all year, so once you have dealt with the nuisance of having to […]


[CruftGEN num=”12″] The decision on whether or not to hire a car in Antalya will be largely based on where you are staying, and then to a lesser extent on what places you are planning to visit during your holiday. For starters, Antalya is one of Turkey’s largest cities, with a population of over 1 […]

Abu Dhabi

[CruftGEN num=”3″] Compared to its larger and glitzier brother Dubai, Abu Dhabi is substantially more compact. Nowhere in the downtown area is more than a short bus or taxi ride away from anywhere else, but you will still be using motorised transport more than walking. There is also still a fair amount of sprawl in […]

La Gomera

1.La Gomera  INTRO | WHY? | WHY NOT? | MODES |  SCENARIOS | MAPS |VERDICT | COMMENTS [INTRO] As the second smallest of the inhabited Canary Islands, La Gomera is most popular with day-tripping short-term visitors, who will usually arrive via Tenerife, although it is also possible to get here by ferry via […]


FAQs 1.Typical questions on whether or not you need a hire car in Malaga. Is it worth it? These are all going to depend on who is travelling, when you are going, where you plan to go and what you plan to see. Who? When? What & Where? — WHO is travelling? Is it worth […]


1.Who is travelling? Budget travellers Quite possibly, but this might not be “driven” by your preference for getting around, but simply by the location of budget accommodation on the island, which isn’t necessarily going to be in Funchal. Also, if you simply want the flexibility of being able to explore all of the island, then […]


Is it worth renting a car in Denver just for part of my stay? Not really – Colorado really is a state that celebrates the great outdoors, so the chances are that even if you want to use Denver as a base, you are going to want to be visiting a lot of places which […]


Younger drivers/backpackers Car hire in Faro might have a reputation for being astonishingly cheap during the off-peak season, when many younger travellers who don’t have kids will often visit, but any saving on the car-rental fee can easily be offset by having to pay young driver’s surcharge. However, train travel in Portugal isn’t that cheap […]