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As with other cities in India, the local car hire market is not well developed. It’s obvious to suggest that the core focus of any visit to Amritsar is going to have the Golden Temple as a highlight, but any excursions from the city are still more likely to be by private tour minibus or coach, rather than in your own self drive car.

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Any consideration of the best places to see outside the city of Amritsar itself have to consider some of the geographical realities of the area. Situated right in the northwest tip of India, Amritsar sits less than 15km / 10 miles from the border with Pakistan, and the suburbs of the city of Lahore run right up to this border. However, due to the ongoing political conflict between India and Pakistan, these two cities might as well be worlds apart.

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  • The main reason to look at Amritsar car hire would be to head towards the Himalayas. You could head through the former summer capital of Shimla and then beyond.
  • A car is going to be very useful as you get further towards the mountains.
  • Generally, you should hire a car in Amritsar if you want to drive well outside the city. There is no need to have a car within the city itself.

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  • For anything and everything relating to the centre of Amritsar itself – there is no need for a hire car to visit the Golden Temple, Gobind Garh Fort, or for the Jallianwala Bagh Monument, site of the Massacre in 1919.
  • The Amritsar walking trail is an important part of the city’s heritage.
  • Amristar has invested heavily in bus rapid transport. A new rapid transit route opened in the Autumn of 2017 – in contrast to Delhi, which has cancelled a similar project.
  • If you do plan to head towards the Himalayas, be prepared to slow down a bit if you want to do this by public transport. A train from Amritsar Junction will take you as far as Kalka in about 6 hours. From here the fun starts as you climb slowly towards Shimla on one of India’s World Heritage mountain lines. The journey takes around 4 1/2 hours. From city to city you’d need to allow around 11 hours. This compares with about 5 hours to drive it. This makes the train excursion one for the rail fans. This is still one of the great train journeys not just of India, but of anywhere in the world, so it shouldn’t be missed if you get the chance!


Should you hire a car in Amritsar?  A hire car is something to look in to for heading into the Himalayas, rather than just the city itself. Although Amritsar is a major gateway into India from a number of major European cities, you can also fly to Shimla, or perhaps to Chandigarh as the starting point for heading towards the Himalayas – although due to its mountain location and very short runway, Shimla only has air service from Delhi.

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