[CruftGEN num=”176″] [top num=”176″] [why2 num=”176″] We really don’t recommend getting a hire car in Menorca. The only reasons to hire a car in Menorca are the same reasons as anyhwere else, ie a car will give you so much convenience that it’s worth going to all the hassle of driving and parking it on […]


[CruftGEN num=”208″] Majorca is perhaps the most popular of all Europe’s holiday islands, and it is easy to see why. Majorca offers something for everybody – from the obvious sun sea and sand through to cultural attractions in Palma itself and the verdant Northern parts of the island. So what’s the best way of getting […]

St Kitts

[CruftGEN num=”264″] This advice covers the question of car hire for both the island of St Kitts and for Nevis, although it assumes you are arriving on flights to St Kitts (Basseterre). Our separate car hire guide for Nevis just looks at that island on its own. [top num=”264″] [why2 num=”264″] Explore at your leisure […]


[CruftGEN num=”278″] Each year, millions of tourists from all across Europe flock down to Tenerife to soak up the sun. The Canary Islands offer the closest thing to a year-round sun without taking a long haul flight to somewhere further away. So is it worth getting a hire car for your stay in Tenerife? [top […]


[CruftGEN num=”291″] Should I rent a car in Venice? Surely, when it comes to considering whether or not to get a hire car, it doesn’t get more obvious than Venice? Should I rent a car in Venice? A car can be extremely useful to explore the Dolomites. [top num=”291″] Well, actually, we happen to think that […]


[CruftGEN num=”149″] As with the other major islands in the Canaries, Lanzarote is just large enough for a hire car to be useful. Driving is generally a lot more convenient than going by bus, except for the some of the areas around the capital Arrecife. [top num=”149″] It’s also perfectly possible to enjoy the spectacular […]

Gran Canaria

[CruftGEN num=”100″] [top num=”100″] Gran Canaria is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Spain, but as with the other Canary Islands, there is no rail-based public transport to get around here, just an extensive network of buses. [why2 num=”100″] No VAT on fuel or car rental services in the Canary Islands. The island […]


[CruftGEN num=”80″] Dubrovnik is perhaps the best-known of Croatia’s Adriatic resorts, and the attractions are obviously visible in the delightful old city itself and the warm climate that attracts millions of tourists each year. So is it worth picking up a hire car at Dubrovnik airport to explore the surrounding area, or is it best […]


[CruftGEN num=”33″] Or are you better off using the city’s excellent public transport, combined with walking and maybe a bit of cycling? [top num=”33″] Since reunification, the German government, the state of Brandenburg and private investors have poured in billions of euros in investment, both to create a reunited city, and to move the majority […]