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Should you rent a car in Antalya? The decision on whether or not to hire a car in Antalya will be largely based on where you are staying, and then to a lesser extent on what places you are planning to visit during your holiday. For starters, Antalya is one of Turkey’s largest cities, with… Read More »


Should you hire a car in Antigua? Antigua might be relatively small, but the temptation to visit all those 365 beaches, without crawling around at the pace of one per day means that a hire car will certainly be useful. [topNP num=”13″] We assume you haven’t got all year, so once you have dealt with… Read More »


Do you need a car in Antwerp? If Bruges represents chocolate box cuteness, together with the summer hordes that go with it, and if Brussels represents all the pomposity that goes with having that extra special kind of capital city feeling, then if almost by default, the massively underrated charm of Belgium is perhaps best… Read More »


Do you need a car in Astana? [coming] To follow. To follow. To follow. Do you need a car in Astana?


Should you rent a car in Athens? Athens might have famously tried to reduce its horrendous traffic problems by only allowing either order or even number plated cars to drive on any given day of the week, and the city also invested heavily in a metro system in the run-up to the 2004 Olympic Games.… Read More »


Do you need a car in Atlanta? Of the various places reviewed for Carornocar, Atlanta is one of the cities that leans most heavily towards getting a rental car. This remains the case, even despite Atlanta having a small metro system. There are two main reasons for this, and they are closely related: Firstly, because… Read More »

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Should you hire a car in Auckland? Auckland is the largest city in New Zealand and it’s the natural starting point for onward travel around both North and South island, regardless of how you are thinking about getting around. First and foremost, it’s worth pointing out that the Auckland metropolitan region as a population of… Read More »


Do you need a car in Avignon? Avignon might be famous for a bridge that is only half there, and as being the former papal seat. The historic city itself, as with many other European historic cities, is naturally very compact and walkable. In terms of travelling beyond Avignon, then it really depends on how… Read More »

Ayers Rock

Do I need a car in Uluru? Is it worth renting a car at Ayers Rock Airport? Do you need a car to visit the area around Uluru / Ayers Rock? [coming] Use local bus shuttles. You can take a 3 hour self-guided tour by bike. Bike hire from Outback Cycling Uluru. There are very… Read More »


Do you need a car in Bahrain? Hiring a car in any of the Gulf states is never for the fainthearted. Although the roads in this part of the world tend to be on the wider side of life, and many of them are brand spanking new, this region is also notorious for its astonishingly… Read More »