Should I hire a car in Aberdeen? The Granite city sits in a geographically remote corner of the UK, but once you get there, can you get around easily using public transport? Or is a hire car all but essential? What are the main Aberdeen car hire options? There are many reasons to rent a… Read More »

Abu Dhabi

 Do I need a car in Abu Dhabi? Compared to its larger and glitzier brother Dubai, Abu Dhabi is substantially more compact. Nowhere in the downtown area is more than a short bus or taxi ride away from anywhere else, but you will still be using motorised transport more than walking. There is also still… Read More »

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Do I need a car in Acapulco? Whether or not you want to actually go loco down in Acapulco, this is not a part of the world that is served by trains in any shape or form. Acapulco has little to offer in terms of cycling facilities or walking trails, so to get around, you are… Read More »


Is it worth getting a hire car in Accra? Generally,  Accra car hire advice leans towards not doing so. The Ghanaian capital is not a destination which is served by any of the major car hire companies, so most visitors will just stick to using local shuttle bus and taxi services. Most of the major… Read More »


[top city=”Agra”] Should I hire a car in Agra? The city of Agra is undoubtedly most famous for being the location of the Taj Mahal, one of the world’s most iconic and heavily photographed tourist destinations, and a place which is perfectly well served by train, bus and other local transport services. Needless to say,… Read More »


Generally, we would say that a hire car is a good idea if you are flying into Alicante and then heading for one of the various coastal resorts in the area, and would say that it’s more the case here than it is in any other destination in mainland Spain. We would advise getting a… Read More »


Do I need a car in Amman? The Jordanian capital is an incredibly compact city, where the historic core is richly connected and inherently walkable. There are few reasons to want to drive anywhere immediately outside of the city, because all of the major attractions in Amman are very central. The compact nature of the old… Read More »


Should I hire a car in Amritsar? As with other cities in India, the local car hire market is not well developed. It’s obvious to suggest that the core focus of any visit to Amritsar is going to have the Golden Temple as a highlight, but any excursions from the city are still more likely… Read More »


Do I need a car in Amsterdam? Amsterdam city centre has a reputation as a cyclists’ paradise and a driver’s nightmare, but is that still the case for the area around the city, and for the rest of the Netherlands? Is Amsterdam car hire ever really an option? Amsterdam is also world-famous as a party… Read More »


Should I rent a car in Anchorage? Of the car rental destinations researched for Carornocar (but not actually visited in person), Anchorage is one of the most interesting. This is because the natural assumption for any first-time visitor might well be that because Alaska has so much big open country, the obvious choice here would… Read More »

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