Welcome to Carornocar.com

Welcome to Carornocar.com – the only place on the web that’s dedicated to nothing other than the “car” or “no car” question. We’ve looked at 300 top destinations around the world, and for each one come up with an index of whether or not we think it’s worth getting a rental car, if you are coming here as a visitor for the first time.


We try to answer a simple question – “do I need a car here” – from Anchorage in Alaska down to Dunedin in New Zealand, via Beijing, Chile (Santiago), or anywhere else inbetween:

  • Full A-Z list of included cities.
  • The most “car” cities.
  • The most “no car” cities – including those with the best public transport and those which are best for walking and cycling.
  • The most “balanced” cities – where is it hardest for us to give a simple “car” or “no car” verdict?